William Umstead Park

11 01 2014

These were taken during my US trip last December. Good thing it didn’t rain that day because it was pouring the day before and it would have been a loss not to visit a nearby state park.





Ranger's post

Ranger’s post

Bench with a view of the lake

Bench with a view of the lake

Its nice to be on top of water without getting your feet wet.

Its nice to be on top of water without getting your feet wet.





Chicken Wings

20 10 2013

Chicken Wings

This was taken in a stall in Vivo City’s Food Republic. You would see a lot throughout Singapore selling these.

Sunday pal

25 08 2013

For Php 155.00 you get a worthy companion.


Singapore Structures

5 03 2013

Some old photos I took 2 years ago.








Shrine of Valour

26 04 2012

Remembering our courageous dead

High atop Mt. Samat, the Dambana ng Kagitingan started construction in 1966 by order of President Marcos. The height of the cross from its base is 302 feet.

The base

During the weekdays, this site gives you more chances to take photos without that many tourists ruining your shot.


relief sculptures

I couldn’t tell if this is Juan Luna or just a look-a-like.


23 03 2012

Every now and then I would crave for some out of the ordinary food experience. Right outside the usual rice meal, lasagna, shawarma, fried chicken fare I regularly eat. If my budget would permit me, I ‘d probably dining chopsticks style everyday.

I like Japanese food. You can’t just have 1 dish. You gotta have at least  2. Eating sashimi is great but it can never fill me up. You have to have some sort of main course going on. This is what I always like to order if it is an Ala Carte thingy. A big bowl of steaming KATSUDON.

Project Kristelle

6 02 2012

New project available under Exhibit.

Model: Kristelle
Location: UP Diliman